• D'Bridge 4 minor update released

    From Nick Andre@618:500/24 to All on Sun Feb 7 04:39:49 2021
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    █ D'Bridge EMAIL System █
    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 4 - FEBRUARY 7 2021

    - Fix for DBUTIL MOVE.

    - Updates to improve timeslice/CPU usage throughout the mailer.

    - The DBRIDGE.HIS XMAIL database is now part of the nightly backup set
    along with a new "Readme" file within the set to explain how to correctly
    restore or rebuild a D'Bridge system using just that archive.

    Remember, a weeks-worth of configuration backups are contained in the
    DBCONFIG.ZIP file but not the contents of your messages, Netmail, BBS
    or other programs or settings. It is NOT a substitute for a proper
    backup solution; but rather as an absolute emergency if things ever
    got totally hosed.

    - At the last minute, a redundant backup set is now also stored in the DATA

    - 5D-type addressing is now automatically parsed in Config-Internet.

    - A slight improvement for support for using archivers within a "window"
    in the mailer, such as Info-ZIP's "zip.exe". Packet count and the
    command line are reported.

    - The F1-Help system and user manual have also been updated.

    Nick Andre

    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
    * Origin: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? (618:500/24)