• D'Bridge 4 update released

    From Nick Andre@618:500/24 to All on Thu Mar 4 01:05:53 2021
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    █ D'Bridge EMAIL System █
    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 4 - MARCH 4 2021

    Depending on your obsessive-compulsive nature this could be an "important" upgrade for those of you currently running D'Bridge.

    If you are upgrading, please take a full backup of your D'Bridge system
    before installing this update. If the BinkD subsystem is running, it must
    be shutdown completely prior to installing this update.

    - BinkD subsystem upgraded to 1.1a-112 as per Rob Swindell's correction
    for a more "graceful" shutdown of BinkD.

    - Minor long-term reliability and stability improvements in the BinkD
    integration code.

    - Less disk access between D'Bridge staging to the BinkD subsystem.

    - Some minor code cleanup and improvements to the generated BinkD
    configuration for better compatibility in scenarios with Linux as the
    operating system running a DOS emulator (\\'s are now /'s). If you run
    such a setup and have a "shim" in your configuration to translate paths,
    it is no longer necessary and should be removed.

    - Packet logging improvements. Note that you should not enable packet
    logging unless there is a really good reason to do so since this will
    likely double the size of the system log, especially on busy systems.

    - ABOUT and FILES in Config-Directory paths are phased out. Any saved
    settings are now merged into SPECIFIC REQUESTS if you are upgrading from
    a prior version. SPECIFIC REQUESTS should be used going forward for
    anything that needs a "magic name" during a mailer file-request.

    - Should have reduced CPU usage in certain scenarios.

    - Improvements to new installations; slightly better "more straightforward"
    install screens, and a question about which storage format to configure
    instead of just assuming Fido *.MSG storage.

    - Not happy with the Echomail area-export code, this will likely change in
    a future release.

    - Origin line can be blank on outgoing packed/scanned messages.

    - Whenever possible, the internal message editor will show a "d" flag next
    to deleted messages in the List command.

    - Several minor bug fixes in Editor-Echomail areas, Editor-Fileecho areas
    and Editor-Actions.

    - Bug fix in Config-Nodelists-Point lists.

    - A minor improvement in the internal editor for QuickBBS/GoldBase.

    - If the Message Databases path is not set up in Config-Directory Paths,
    the system assumes the message files are in the D'Bridge directory.

    - Revised the F1-Help system and user manual accordingly.

    Nick Andre

    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
    * Origin: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? (618:500/24)