• About IRCNow

    From Arelor@618:250/24 to All on Fri Apr 16 18:46:37 2021
    Hello, people.

    I have recently learnt of the IRCNow project. I thought I would mention it here because I think it is a nice curiosity.

    The IRCNow organization is trying to run a for-profit IRC network. They aim to own as much as the software/hardware stack as possible and base the business model on BSD licensing. It is in very early development.

    They are trying to grow the network by offering training and free VPS to everybody who wants to pour resources or sysadmin for them.

    But the best of all is the Jeffersonian vibe the whole thing has going for it. I think part of their training includes using vi's replace functions to fix mistakes in the [Pledge of Alliance](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pledge_of_Al legiance).

    People interested in knowing what I am talking about may check here: https://wiki.ircnow.org/index.php?n=Ircnow.Minutemin

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