• suspiciously swollen and I am worried..

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    Yep. My lower left leg is suspiciously swollen and I am
    worried. I was able to get an appointment at 3 PM with my
    doctor to have my leg checked out. Swelling like that can
    be a symptom of Charcot foot or a blood clot of which I
    want neither. Hopefully things will be okay.

    An aunt of mine was experiencing swollen angles (and sometimes
    tingling or numbness in the fingers of her hands) ..usually
    after coming back from shopping. That was over 15 years ago.

    For a long time, she blamed it on the plastic smells from the
    department stores.

    Her strategy was just to sleep it off.

    Turns out she had a blocked (or rather, ALMOST completely
    blocked) carotid artery.

    She was a steady smoker for decades. She tried the Dr-
    recommendation to quit smoking, but she could not. She
    gradually went back to smoking. She also continued to eat the
    things that are not necessarily healthy either: sugar,
    processed food, tonnes of mayo, breads, etc..

    She has a reoccurrence of the swelling, but she thinks it's not
    as bad as before - meanwhile she is practically housebound as
    arthritis has ravaged her body and she's in constant pain. She
    still smokes and eats somewhat poorly.

    In your case, why not try to eat the foods that help minimize
    inflammations? There's a lot of info about that online. A good
    book with anti-inflammatory recipes is this one:

    Meals That Heal Inflammation: Embrace Healthy Living and
    Eliminate Pain, One Meal at a Time | Paperback
    Julie Daniluk
    Random House of Canada | Random House Canada
    Health & Fitness / Diet & Nutrition - Nutrition / Cooking / Health & Healing / Health & Healing - Gluten-Free
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