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    From Mark Hofmann@618:100/12 to Nick Andre on Sat Nov 7 14:51:28 2020
    Me too, but I quickly realised that sometimes the simple explanation is most often the correct one... whats that, Occams razor or something?

    I've spent *many* hours fixing things that could of been easily

    It happens to all of us from time to time.

    One funny true story from about 7-8 years ago. Got a call about no network connectivity in a particular location. I saw the alert the particular 400+ port chassis switch was offline. Did my normal "wait 30 minutes to see if it comes back", and it didn't.

    Drive into work, walk into the network closet and find one of the facilities guys. He was in there taking the tube system apart (he had it in a million pieces). I noticed our network switch had no power and asked him if he knew anything about it. His response was "Oh shit, I just waisted two hours taking this tube system apart trying to figure out why it wouldn't turn on".

    He went to the breaker panel, fliped the switch, power restored. Switch comes back and the tube system worked. All from a tripped breaker.

    I joked with him for a bit, and he spent probably another hour putting everything back together and I went home.

    - Mark

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