• Traffic Signals

    From Daryl Stout@618:250/33 to Mike Powell on Wed Jul 14 09:44:00 2021

    Here it seems to depend on what the speed limit is, too. If it is a 55 MPH highway, the yellows seem to last longer than on a 20 MPH city

    When I lived in the Miami, Florida area over 45 years ago, there were "countdown lights". Where the yellow light would count down from 9 seconds
    to when the light would go yellow. Now, a clue for it would be if the walk light (crosswalk indicator) had a countdown timer, and was flashing the
    red figure (they've gone to pictures instead of the old DONT WALK). When it
    got down to 0, the light would change to yellow.

    That is not a hard and fast rule, though... I have seen some of the yellows disappear pretty quick on high-speed highways. I am guessing
    that means they are not configured correctly but who knows. :)

    What's ironic about that comment I made yesterday...in downtown Little
    Rock, on Broadway Street...the "traffic control center" is at 6th Street
    and Broadway. It is in bad need of synchronization, IMO.


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