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    From Zip@618:500/27 to Kurt Weiske on Thu Aug 5 20:10:51 2021
    Hello Kurt!

    (Moving to MIN_CHAT -- hope that's OK!)

    On 04 Aug 2021, Kurt Weiske said the following...
    I picked up a Lenovo Chromebook for $30, mostly because I wanted to play with ChromeOS. My kids are using Chromebooks at school.

    The system is perfectly usable for everyday use - in fact, I'm thinking about the place I bought it at - a $30 laptop, $25 used monitor and a keyboard/mouse and you'd have a decent little system for under $75.

    That's very nice indeed -- and shows that you don't have to throw in a lot of $$ to get something usable! Plus, bargains are hard to resist. :)

    Best regards

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  • From Mike Powell@618:250/1 to DARYL STOUT on Fri Aug 6 15:46:00 2021

    But, every time I think of "Klutz On The Loose", I think
    of the rock song "Band On The Run"...but I forget who
    did that one.

    I think I know that one: Wings.

    Wasn't that also the group that did the theme from the James
    Bond movie "Live And Let Die"?? That was a cool movie...the

    Yes it was. That was Paul McCartney's group after the Beatles split up.


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