• Middle Tennessee Flooding

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been asked by several people online if I am okay. I am fine. The flooding that you saw on the news happened about a five hours' drive from my city. Now they're finding even more damage, unfortunately.

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    Tennessee Flood Damage `More Massive' Than Previously Estimated: Officials

    By Tom Ozimek
    August 24, 2021 Updated: August 24, 2021

    Officials said Tuesday that the weekend flooding in Tennessee that killed
    at least 21 people was even more destructive than previously believed,
    with the degree of devastation coming into sharper focus as water receded
    and rescue teams searched for survivors.

    "Our damage is much more massive than what we thought," Humphreys County
    Sheriff Chris Davis told NPR in an interview, saying over 100 homes had
    been washed off foundations or destroyed-a far larger number than
    previously estimated.

    "Yesterday we thought it was 20-something houses that had been removed
    from the foundations," Davis said. "That's not even close. Well over
    100-120 houses have been moved, or are gone, no longer exist."

    Around a dozen people are believed still missing in hardest-hit Humphreys
    County, where rescuers with trained dogs continued to scour the area in
    hopes of finding people still alive.

    Waverly resident Brittney McCord's 2-year-old son was washed away in
    Saturday's floods.

    "It's devastating not knowing where my baby is," the grief-stricken mother
    told the Tennessean."Not knowing if he's going to be found. Where he is.
    My heart hurts so bad. I don't want him to be left alone."

    The town of Waverly, about 55 miles west of Nashville, bore the brunt of
    the destruction after a storm brought 17 inches of rain in just three

    Humphreys County Chief Deputy Rob Edwards told The Associated Press that
    excavators were moving the largest pieces of debris in Waverly while drone
    operators searched several miles downstream for survivors.

    Waverly Police Chief Grant Gillespie said Monday that the number of people
    believed missing has fluctuated, as people managed to get in touch with
    loved ones they were previously unable to reach as the flooding took out
    cellphone towers and phone lines.

    "I'm reasonably sure that we are less than 10 right now that we are truly
    not sure about the whereabouts of, or that we don't think we'll resolve
    fairly easily," Gillespie told The Associated Press.

    President Joe Biden has approved a major disaster declaration sought by
    Tennessee officials, freeing up federal aid to help with recovery efforts,
    the White House said in a statement.

    "I want to begin by expressing my deepest condolences for the sudden and
    tragic loss of life due to this flash flood," Biden said at an Aug. 22

    "We've reached out to the community and we stand ready to offer them
    support. I've asked the [FEMA] Administrator to speak to Governor Lee of
    Tennessee right away, and we will offer any assistance they need for this
    terrible moment," he added.

    Reuters contributed to this report.

    -- Sean

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    I have been asked by several people online if I am okay. I am fine.
    The flooding that you saw on the news happened about a five hours'
    drive from my city. Now they're finding even more damage,

    Glad you're OK. I have family in the Nashville area, but I think the
    flooding was to their west and southwest.

    We may have to deal with the remnants of a hurricane next week...the Louisiana Gulf Coast may get yet another tropical cyclone in as many


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    Re: Middle Tennessee Flooding
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    OK, that one sucks. I didn't know.

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