• Re: Medical Things

    From Daryl Stout@618:250/33 to Nick Andre on Mon Sep 27 02:13:00 2021

    The first time I had them I ended up in the hospital with
    twice-the-usual dosage of morphine.

    The bad things for me were two-fold. I couldn't urinate after
    the surgery, and have to have a catheter put in while I was
    awake...and the morphine they gave me shut my colon down. So,
    I couldn't do it out of either end...that was agony.

    The HMO nurse practitioner that came by the other day (a very
    pretty young lady, but married), said she used to wonder what all
    the fuss was about constipation. She said after her hysterectomy,
    and other surgeries recently, "I get it now". :P


    ... My Anger Management Class is pissing me off!!
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