• dirtiest: `Green' biomass

    From Mike Powell@618:250/1 to AUGUST ABOLINS on Fri Oct 15 09:07:00 2021
    A tire that's been ground into highway asphalt for its'
    entire life, then ground up to make cushioning that your
    kid will play soccer on? Seems safe!

    They do that?!? They take old asphalt and repurpose it on
    soccerfields? Sounds like that no one is concerned about any
    health risks.

    No, they ground up tires that have been driven on highways their entire
    lives and put those into playing fields. I am not sure that soccer is the
    best example as those are usually covered in grass and don't
    (intentionally) have dirt patches.

    On the other hand, in Louisville, KY, there used to be soccer fields that
    were intentionally built on top of former land fill. They were used for several years. Then, one year, they were used for a giant concert. It
    rained A LOT in the days leading up to the concert. When they tried to
    haul in the heavy equipment, like the stages, they started having issues
    with things sinking. They had to cancel for that year.

    If I remember right, they got to looking more closely at the site and
    realized that some of the waste below the surface was "leaking" substances
    that could be harmful to humans. They moved the concert for future years, and I don't think they use it for youth soccer any more. I am not sure about that last part because I usuallly watch the news from another nearby city and don't remember how that issue turned out.

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