• Re: I Don't Mow The Lawn

    From MIKE POWELL@618:250/1 to ROB MCCART on Fri Nov 27 10:08:00 2020
    That said, my opinion is based more on large cities in general than Toronto specifically. I lived for about 11 years in a city with over 160,000 people and always said that when it got to the point where there was no reason one could not make a left turn at a set of lights but there was a sign there saying a left turn wasn't legal, it was time to start planning to move..

    Same here. I spent roughly 24 years in a city that, while I was there,
    grew from a metro area of less than 500K to an area that was over one
    million. There were plenty of those signs by the time I left. I now live
    in a city of less than 30K. I cannot think of any lights where you cannot
    make a left turn. Matter of fact, it is legal here (unless posted) to make U-turns and, in some places, there are signs reminding you that a U-turn
    has the right-of-way! :)


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