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    From August Abolins@618:250/1.9 to Nelgin on Wed Dec 30 20:56:00 2020
    Hello Nelgin!

    ** On Tuesday 29.12.20 - 15:36, Nelgin wrote to August Abolins:

    And this is why the echoes are dead.

    Are you saying that IRC is discouraging posting to the
    echoes? I dunno.. perhaps IRC satisfies the appeal of being
    "live" online with other people. There is nothing that
    precludes those same people (or others) to post in the echos
    in the meantime.

    Possibly. In the world of instant gratification that the
    internet has provided us, why bother posting and waiting
    possibly days for 1 or 2 relies, or maybe none at all? Just
    hope on IRC, talk real time, idle in a channel and catch up
    with the chat later.

    The design of apps for mobile devices screams "instant", "get it
    now", "live". The young users never get exposed to alternatives.

    Are there absolutely no alternatives that could encourage better communication skills than instant chats and emojiis?

    The truth is, that the echos are still effectively dead. :(

    How are IRC folks here accessing IRC? Is it via smartphones/

    I use mIRC and I'm only in the #synchronet channel in
    irc.synchro.net though I use other networks for other
    purposes...like instant gratification :)

    Are you doing that on a smartphone/tablet?

    Maybe Micronet could experiment with a Telegram presence
    (linking up an echo or two) as an adjunct to IRC? ;) The
    result would entertain the live aspect of IRC yet still
    retain the standard messaging experience too.

    Lord no. Still, if I said "make them do it the old fashioned
    way" I'd be told to pull out my modem and dial up to a BBS
    rather than posting via an nntp usenet client :)

    I think part of the problem is that the purveyours of this form
    of messaging always seem to proclaim it with the "retro" "old
    fashioned" branding. We aren't going to get new people
    interested in it if it [1] isn't easy to access, [2] is
    constantly referred to the "old" way of doing things.

    Since about August this year, a few fidonet echos have been made
    accessible with the Telegram app. Check it out!

    There is a Telegram app for all OSes

    Most of the available echos (with an exception for a few) are
    only the ones that are best for casual conversation. Here is a
    partial list:

    :: https://t.me/joinchat/SPBwvB0bLAJSx05BUocqYQ

    :: https://t.me/joinchat/SPBwvElfwUPvwAigYZO8oA

    :: https://t.me/joinchat/H99gCE5QuSvbC13vXhF-qw

    :: https://t.me/joinchat/SPBwvBh2-Rh-4NCHB9nvFQ

    :: https://t.me/joinchat/H99gCEfn85Hui-GEb3nwGA

    :: https://t.me/joinchat/SPBwvE6RJxeedpvKCT7QgQ

    :: https://t.me/joinchat/SPBwvFa9mkCYyzQO8mQeWA

    With Telegram, the message areas are truly portable across
    multiple devices and perfectly in sync. For instance, you could
    start a reply mid-sentence on one device (a smartphone) and
    finish the message on another device (a laptop).

    It's also a great way just to monitor activity of an echo or the
    announcement of new message arrivals if that's all you want to do
    for the time being.

    The S)earch feature in Telegram is awesome. It also filters all
    the links and photo files into a separate section in the app so
    you can find all the links and files people provide http links

    Telegram is certainly not going to replace calling a traditional
    BBS via telnet/ssh and experience the customized ansi art, menus,
    and games. But it is a modern way to at least participate in
    messages very easily (no complicated node or protocol
    configurations required) with a smartphone/tablet that no other
    app can achieve at this time.


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