• Got fired by a former internet medicaid company

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    Hello Don!

    ** On Monday 12.10.20 - 22:41, Don Lowery wrote to Nick Andre:

    That drives me up the wall. Even worse...to answer
    questions at the same time. Happened to me last night
    where I wasn't paying attention & forgot to put the open
    can of paint under the nozzles. Got it cleaned up...but
    I'm damned if I say nothing or talk with them while doing
    the job.

    Ha! Been there myself. :/

    Got fired by a former internet medicaid company 20 years
    ago when it was my weekend to keep the stuff. Ended up in
    ER for a day or so. Come Monday...called me on the carpet
    & fired me at the end of the week because I was in the
    hospital. No matter what I said/showed them...it was
    never good enough for them. Worked out I had a better job
    by Tuesday of the next week.

    It is not proper (not legal) to get rid of someone because of
    absence due to medical reasons. If you were with that company
    for any significant number of years, you should have been
    entitled to a severance pay - did you get something like that?


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