• another speaker I always wanted to get

    From August Abolins@618:510/1.1 to Kevin Nunn on Sun Jan 17 12:38:00 2021
    Hello Kevin!

    Speaking of Bose, that is another speaker I always wanted to get but never did. The Bose 901's or whatever their top of the line was for awhile.

    The 901's intrigued me at one time too. But I found them too
    big (wide) for a nice fit into a typical listening/living room
    space. A tall (or narrow) design made more visual sense for me.

    Regarding the Minumus-77's.. when I had some company over, they
    could not tell where the sound from coming from! The speakers
    were black, my furniture was light and dark oak. The people
    were looking for traditional-size speakers, based on the "punch"
    that the speakers were capable of emitting. <g> In a smallish
    2 bedroom apartment, the 77's were quite suitable along the long
    wall of the living room.

    Meanwhile.. I just found my other pair of Minumus-7's (the
    smaller version of the 77's) yesterday!

    I may be motivated to set up a Shiit-style (mini) sound system
    around my tv now, and put those Minimus-7's into action. Or..
    maybe I'll just settle with a suitable receiver in case I'd like
    to listen to the radio.


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