• ArcaOS

    From August Abolins@618:250/1.9 to Sean Dennis on Sat Jan 30 09:11:00 2021
    Hello Sean!

    ** On Friday 29.01.21 - 13:47, Sean Dennis wrote to August Abolins:

    I'll probably just keep my current BBS setup though I'd
    like to be able to afford to upgrade ArcaOS (there's been
    some pretty major updates and upgrades made since I
    initially purchased it). If it ain't broke, I should quit
    messing with it.

    ArcaOS sounds amazing:

    "classic OS/2 productivity, word processing, spreadsheet, or
    graphics applications? OS/2, Windows 3.1, or DOS games.."

    "Do you have a system with 16GB of RAM in it? Want your apps to
    really fly? Configure ArcaOS to utilize all memory above 4GB as
    a RAM disk, and at bootup, copy your most frequently used
    applications there"

    It truly sounds like an OS that can do everything.

    $129 for the basic OS isn't too bad.

    The name Arca Noae seems odd to me. I know that the arca noae
    is literally the Noah's Ark shell (a bivalve mollusc), but WHY
    would that be the inspiration for naming a product/company?


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