• "the thing" Sean swore..

    From August Abolins@618:250/1.9 to Sean Dennis on Sat Jan 30 09:19:00 2021
    Hello Sean!

    ** On Friday 29.01.21 - 13:47, Sean Dennis wrote to August Abolins:

    Are the recipes "the thing" you swore you would never do?

    No. I had a computer set up with 32-bit Windows 10 and was
    going to move the BBS over to it ... then the computer died
    and I gave up, realizing that I just didn't have the energy
    to do it.

    Oh.. what you swore to do did not happen?

    BTW.. I didn't realize (or maybe I forgot) that Win10 had a 32-
    bit version.

    What did you want to achieve with Win10-32 that you couldn't
    equally achieve with Win7-32?

    I repurposed an older eMachines that was initially configured
    with WinXP. The CPU supported 64bit instruction set (although
    the mobo only supported 4GB ram max), so I experimented with
    different 64bit linux distros and ultimatey found that Manjaro
    was the best. But I had trouble configuring it to network with
    existing Windows pcs, ..so I settled with Win7-32 for it. Cost:


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