• a covid consequence in retail

    From August Abolins@618:250/1.9 to All on Wed Feb 10 00:24:00 2021
    Hello All!

    It came to my attention just a couple days ago, that there is at
    least one covid consequence affecting a local business in my

    I drove by on my way home yesterday and took this shot:

    URL: https://susepaste.org/16508994

    "Everything Must Go Including Fixtures" - probably means that
    they have no plans to recover in the business.

    My province is easing restrictions this week, but the news comes
    much too late for some.

    I am not sure what other businesses in my town are borderline

    This outcome wouldn't be necessary if only the banks and
    creditors could synchronize the reduction of economic activity
    with their own expectations too.

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