• Re: looking at getting Nomad Internet.

    From Nick Andre@618:500/24 to August Abolins on Thu Feb 25 07:40:41 2021
    On 24 Feb 21 17:40:00, August Abolins said the following to Sean Dennis:

    I am looking at getting Nomad Internet. It's 4G LTE
    Internet access, good in 98% of the US. They have mobile
    and home setups with different routers. It's $130 a month
    but it's incredibly fast and not throttled at all. So if I
    move or decide to live full time in a RV on the road, I can
    do that and have the same Internet access wherever I go.

    I think anything above $100/mo is crazy. :/

    My fiber Internet with Bell is $100/mo...


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