• "When the night is over, we'll se whether I am crazy or not"

    From Arelor@618:250/24 to All on Fri Jan 8 17:57:11 2021
    The subject line has been taken by the Frankenstein movie, starring Clive and Boris Karlof. I invite you to watch it, because that is pretty much like I am feeling now.

    When I was telling everybody that having everybody join Facebook et all and turning these unnacountable platforms into the main information distributors of the Internet was a bad idea, everybody told me I was a conspiracy nut and a paranoid. Which is fun because I was implying no conspiracy, just stating it was a bad idea.


    Turns out (as I have mentioned in some other othernet) that Twitter et al are involved in a full blown campaign for removing disenting opinions from ther social media. Apple is giving Parler an ultimatum to kick disenting voices out under the threat of removal from their App Store. Now, they are telling me Google is doing something similar.

    "Crazy, am I?" should I have said, when I told people that creating information monopolies was a bad idea. "When the night is over, we'll see whether I am crazy or not."

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