• Bribes for getting vaccinated

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    Cuomo Using Scratch Tickets to Try and Bribe New Yorkers to Get the COVID Vaccine

    By Cassandra Fairbanks
    Published May 21, 2021 at 1:10pm

    New York's disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo is attempting to bribe New
    Yorkers to get the COVID-19 vaccine with lottery tickets.

    The tickets provide a chance to win five million dollars.

    "Today we announce a big new reason to get vaccinated: A chance to win up to
    $5 million! Get vaccinated at any of 10 state vax sites and receive a free
    NYS Lottery scratch off ticket with a grand prize of $5 million. Must be 18
    or older," Cuomo tweeted on Friday.

    Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has also announced a "Vax-a-Million" program in which
    a random person will be drawn weekly from the Ohio secretary of state's
    voter registration date base to get $1 million -- if they are vaccinated.
    They will also be choosing 12-17 year old winners who will receive a
    possible full-ride scholarship to a state college or university if they are vaccinated.

    Taxpayers are once again footing the bill for political bribes.


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