• Biden vacations while world is on fire

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    Biden vacations, while the world is on fire

    Multiple crises, on multiple fronts, and Biden is not taking questions

    By Tammy Bruce - - Tuesday, September 21, 2021


    Horsing around. Vacation at the beach. Bike riding with friends. Going to
    a football game and tossing the coin. It sounds like a bunch of kids after
    school playing hooky, having a good time for the sake of it because
    there's nothing else to do. But no, it's the president and vice president
    of the United States of America playing around while the country, and the
    world, are on fire.

    The increasingly strange behavior of not only President Joe Biden and Vice
    President of Missing-In-Action Kamala Harris is quite apropos considering
    the entire administration is flopping around like a fish shockingly
    finding itself on the beach instead of in the waves.

    This week, like all the other weeks in the last eight months, was a
    rolling disaster. Last month over 208,887 illegal aliens were apprehended
    at the southern border, a 317% increase from August of the year prior. Who
    knows how many passed through. But what makes the news is a sliver of this
    human catastrophe breaking through the Biden ban on filming the atrocity.

    The Haitian illegal immigration fiasco at the Del Rio, Texas, border has
    understandably shocked and awed the American people. Fifteen thousand
    people, at least, creating a shantytown under the international bridge, is
    a visual finally allowing Americans to grasp what the Biden administration
    has both encouraged and deliberately facilitated through rhetoric and

    Despite the chaos at the border for the past eight months, the Biden
    administration finally took action, just at Del Rio, nowhere else. They
    hadn't anticipated the Fox News drone bringing video of the debacle to
    Americans and the world.

    Realizing that the truth was escaping out to the American people, Mr.
    Biden had Mayor Pete at the Transportation Department ban the Fox News
    drone. That was subtle. It also didn't last long when Fox News fought
    back. Bullies often fold when confronted.

    But don't worry, Ms. Harris has found a border she doesn't mind visiting -
    the doorway into the "The View" studios where she will visit with the
    ladies on Friday. Only one question remains - will they bow when she makes
    her grand entrance?

    The Biden administration tells us they are focused on "policy" and
    "legislation." This is in the form of the $3.5 trillion Tax and Burn bill
    the Democrats are scrambling to pass because they know we're going to fire
    them next year. This garbage bill is akin to arsonists arguing over
    whether or not they will set the country on fire using a lighter or flame
    thrower. The result will be the same - it's just a matter of how quickly
    they'll create the pile of ashes.

    In the meantime, the Afghanistan disaster is rolling along, even though
    legacy media is using Mr. Biden's "don't look at the terrorists enslaving
    an entire nation and the problem might disappear" strategy.

    Last Friday, the Pentagon was forced to admit a drone strike that was
    supposedly taking out an ISIS terrorist intent on bombing the Kabul
    airport was a family loading water into their car, slaughtering seven
    innocent children and three adults. The patriarch was an aid worker and
    had applied for Special Immigrant Visa status for himself and his family.

    This atrocity happened partly because Mr. Biden and his fools wanted to
    save face and look "in charge" after the murder of our 13 service members.
    Yeah, he's absolutely in charge - of disasters, catastrophes and totally
    doesn't discriminate when it comes to who gets blown up. Children,
    Marines, aid workers, whatever. As long as it's not our partners, the

    Our allies were sucker-punched with our chaotic Afghan exit, a calamity
    forcing many of them to arrange rogue operations to rescue their citizens.
    The British were so incensed their parliament actually censored Mr. Biden,
    with members condemning him on the record in the harshest of terms.

    But that wasn't enough for the Building Back Better cretins. They then
    decided to sell nuclear submarines to the Australians without mentioning
    it to the French, whose conventional submarine deal was torpedoed in the

    The French remained outraged, have recalled their ambassador and, as the
    Daily Mail reported, "French diplomats in Washington on Thursday canceled
    a gala at their embassy to celebrate ties between the U.S. and France
    amid mounting fury at the Biden administration's role in scuppering a $90
    billion submarine deal with Australia."

    In the midst of all of this, Mr. Biden goes to the United Nations to speak
    to the General Assembly. Is he going to apologize? Will he explain he's
    just the hired help and not really in charge of anything? Will Jill come
    to his rescue? Who will cut the mic?! This newspaper's headline highlights
    the absurdity of our situation: "Biden presses skeptical world leaders to
    work together in first U.N. speech."

    No doubt there were plenty of eye rolls in that arena with Iran, China and
    Russia enjoying a good laugh.

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