• Bats*it crazy Aussies

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    Australians waiting for organ transplants will be denied lifesaving procedures
    until fully vaccinated: Report

    by Matthew Miller | December 06, 2021 06:29 PM

    Australians who are waiting to receive an organ transplant will reportedly
    be denied their procedures until they have received at least two doses of
    the COVID-19 vaccine, even if the procedure is lifesaving in nature.

    The Queensland Kidney Transplant Service endorsed a minimum COVID-19
    vaccine requirement of at least two doses of the vaccine for patients
    seeking a kidney, lung, or heart transplant procedure, the Courier-Mail
    reported .

    Some organ transplant patients told the outlet they were hesitant to get
    the vaccine prior to their procedure for fear of side effects that may
    affect their health.

    Under the new mandate, patients will be moved to an "on hold" status until
    they receive the necessary doses of the vaccine. The decision to mandate
    the vaccine was supported by clinicians, consumers, and Indigenous
    representatives during a Statewide Renal Network clinical forum. The
    policy will be reviewed in February 2022, according to the Courier-Mail.

    "A recipient is highly immunosuppressed post-transplant, which is why it's
    incredibly important for the person to be vaccinated prior to transplant.
    Queensland Health priorities safety before, during, and after a
    transplant," a Queensland spokesperson said.

    Patient Dana Ward, 23, who is unvaccinated and suffers from primary
    hyperoxaluria, said she was told it would be a waste of an organ if she
    got COVID-19 after her procedure.

    "I have been told that if I received a kidney and then got COVID, it would
    be a waste of an organ. I even have a donor ready to go, but it's been
    made clear nothing will go ahead until I am fully vaccinated," Ward
    explained. "Because of my ill health, I have always been hypercareful of
    what I put in my body. I am definitely not anti-vax but am afraid of the
    COVID vaccine's side effects. I am backed into a corner now and probably
    have to go ahead with the vaccine."

    Another unvaccinated patient, Helen Oberthur, 44, who has stage 4 kidney
    disease, says she feels like she is "cornered" and is very uncomfortable
    with the idea of getting the vaccine.

    "I have had every other vaccine including the flu, and it's not been good.
    I have ended up so sick [that] I had to get someone to look after my son.
    I am not good with vaccinations and feel like I am cornered. I think it is
    blatant discrimination to deny me a place on a waiting list because of
    this. I just found out about the new policy this week and feel overwhelmed
    by it all," Oberthur said.

    The Washington Examiner reached out to the Queensland local government for
    comment but did not receive a reply.

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    Re: Bats*it crazy Aussies
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    Australians waiting for organ transplants will be denied lifesaving procedu
    until fully vaccinated: Report

    That is kind of messed up.

    I have stoped purchasing Australian and New Zealander products for this sort of thing, actually.

    I don't know if you are familiar with the Nazi (COVID) passports they are trying to roll out. They are designed to track everything the bearer does. This means if you get the vaccine you get into the tracking machine, whereas those who don't take the vaccine stay out of the tracking machine. It makes no fucking sense.

    A fun thing is that immunosupressed people seems to be screwed up with the virus so much, vaccine or no vaccine, so I don't buy the "we would be wasting an organ" argument.

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    A fun thing is that immunosupressed people seems to be
    screwed up with the virus so much, vaccine or no vaccine,
    so I don't buy the "we would be wasting an organ" argument.

    Transplant patients are often on organ anti-rejection drugs,
    which effectively reduces one's immune system. But a vaccine
    requires a functioning immunune system. A vaccine does not a
    replacement for a weak immune system! So, the policy to refuse
    transplants if the person doesn't take a vaccine (which would
    be ineffective due to the suppressed system) is ridiculous and


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