• COVID Ghosttowns

    From Mike Powell@618:250/1 to KURT WEISKE on Wed Apr 7 11:14:00 2021
    There were drone shots of San Francisco that looked pretty eerie. As for avoiding crowds, you need to give the magic of camerawork more credit. All
    of Monty Python and the Holy Grail was filmed at one castle after the Scottish board that controlled access to historical castles reneged on allowing them access to a handful of other castles. They used different angles and times of the day for that one castle through the entire movie.

    I live in a town that is pretty small (30-40k residents) but, during the business day, there are probably close to 60-70k people, and even more
    when the Legislature is in session. That is all pre-COVID, of course.

    I would have like to have seen some before and shortly after drone footage
    of what it looked like then. The few times I had to get out, I could tell
    a difference in traffic, but in some places more so than others. Seemed
    like all the bottlenecks were still there. :)


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    Hello Kurt!

    ** On Monday 12.04.21 - 06:31, you wrote:

    There's a neat photoshop trick for still photos; it
    combines multiple photos of the same scene and removes
    anything not in each image. The net result is that moving
    objects are automatically removed from the final image.
    I've seen one of the fountains in Rome with crowds of
    people milling about, and in the final shot, all of the
    people have been removed.

    That *does* sound cool. Digitization provides many
    opportunities. Seeing is nolonger believing. Many things can be

    I thought that combining/stitching a series of individual photos
    to produce a panoramic result was an amazing feat.


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